Healthy eating; the Lohi way!


A few days ago a really good friend asked me to do a post on healthy eating. Many people who know me know I sorta struggle with my weight, I stay watching what I eat and although you might see me post a lot of food on here, I control the portions very well and have carbs sporadically. In my quest to eat better and live healthier in general I have learned a little can pass on some tips to my readers.

The first rule when trying to eat healthy especially if the basics of your diet is Nigerian food, would be to control your portions. Eating Nigerian food is not bad at all if you learn to eat it in moderation. So instead of 4spoons of rice, eat one hand size with more veggies than rice and you are good to go.

The second tip I have is to reduce your oil intake. A lot of Nigerian food calls for oil, you can reduce the amount of oil or use olive oil in the place of vegetable oil. I am constantly working on ways to make food without oil and would begin to share some recipes on here in the coming months.

The third: eat smaller portions throughout the day than one big meal. Have some baby carrots or almonds with you at all time to snack on. or when you dish that big plate of rice, eat it the entire day than at one time.

Here are two meals that are under 1300 calories(I think) that are yummy and yet healthy. Let me know if you enjoy and you want more posts like this.

Breakfast for me is always very simple. Either a smoothie, homemade juice or oatmeal. I do not eat eggs but if you do those are are an amazing option because they are protein.

this was breakfast for three people and we did not even finish it.

Lunch is always something simple because I am always on the go. On days when I am home, I might try a little but most days I have fruits and yoghurt or a wrap/sandwich. Or some kind of soup. Fish pepper soup is my fave.

left: fish pepper soup,
right: ham sandwhich in 12 multigrain bread.

Dinner is the meal that is sorta heavy. It’s when I am back home from my busy day and can relax, talk on the phone with my lovers all around the world and make myself an amazing meal. I always have some form of protein. Either fish, pork chops or chicken. With a bit of carbs. Examples would be pork chops with baby carrots or salmon with my signature tomatoes and pepper sauce.

top: grilled rosemary chicken and potaotes with seasonal veggies,
bottom: pork chops and baby carrots.
Snacks: During the day if I get hungry, i drink homemade juices or have some baby carrots or a handful of almonds.
watermelon and orange juice
Hope this post helps someone out there! Shoutout to Chinny for the suggestion! hope you like!
P.s. Can you guys put me in your prayers so many changes happening so fast! I need all the prayers I can get!
Till next time

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  1. Good tips. I am from Ghana and struggle with my weight too. However, one other tip that has helped me is to use coconut oil. Because olive oil once it reaches a high temperature it’s the same as any other golden oil. Coconut oil actually has fat burning properties too and it is a good fat. I love your blog ! I am currently thinking of creating something that I could use your help with.

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