Breakfast or brunch? Sardine sandwich + Zobo

Breakfast or brunch? Sardine sandwich + Zobo


I was at the African store earlier this week trying to get some supplies and I came across this tin of sardine and so many memories came rushing back. I remember eating sardine and bread for breakfast most weekday mornings and feeling like I could take over the world (OK maybe not). I decided to recreate the breakfast staple for some and refine it a little. I made these with regular white Italian bread from my local grocery store. some butter, cucumbers, and some good ol sardines.  I had them with some zobo that I also found at the African store!!! I had not drank this in a while and it was a good way to start my morning! You can try it if you never have and let me know what you think.

sardine sandwich

Sardine sandwich recipe

2 Titus sardine
1/2 cup diced cucumber
2 tablespoons butter
1 loaf sliced bread

In a bowl, mix sardine, cucumber and butter. Stir until it is evenly combined. Serve on Italian bread.

titus sardine..this is the exact brand we made this sandwich in in Nigeria.

Zobo recipe

1 cup zobo leaves (dried hibiscus flowers)
1 oz ginger, mashed
6 cups water
Vanilla extract

In a pot add 1 cup zobo leaves, mashed ginger and 6 cups hot water.  Boil for 45 minutes to 1 hour on low heat. Strain from pot into a glass and add sugar and vanilla extract to your taste.

This is a quickie update!!! I am still not fully settled right now, so I can only do so much within my new space!!! Watch out for a decor post in the near future.

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