Pomegranates | #Lohis14daysOfAphrodisiacs

Pomegranates | #Lohis14daysOfAphrodisiacs

Day twelve!  I cannot believe we have already gone 12 days into February! I wonder where 2013 is speeding along to! for today, we are going to talk about pomegranates  I love this fruit! it is one of my fave fruits to cook with! in a salad or eating it on it own with all the little seeds is one of my fave things to do in the summer! Unfortunately I had a pomegranate in my houses until two weeks ago when my friend Alice stopped by and ate it! I totally forgot it would be out of season and I would not find more at the store to make the recipe I had originally planned! I tried soooo hard to find just oneeeeee pomegranate and I couldn’t .:( So I am just giving you guys a picture of pomegranate juice I had at my birthday sleep over a few months ago! I promise to blog about the recipe when I find some in a few months! Trust me! it will be worth the wait!

Also since this series is almost over (sad face) but we are still celebrating love month till the end of February, I am accepting your favorite Valentine day stories! Let us know what he got you. what she did for you. how was the surprise vacation? did he pop the question? was it everything you dreamed of and more?  E-mail me at lohiscreations (at) gmail dot com. or use the contact page of my blog! TIll tomorrow! I have a yummy recipe for you!





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  1. Hian… you gave me that pomegranate fair and square jare

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