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Pre- Easter lunch at mine

Pre- Easter lunch at mine

Easter Sunday is 11 days away and I am very excited because I am going to be with my family for Easter! Its been at least 6 years since I have been home for Easter and although its not a holiday I love, I am very excited to be spending time with my family! Yes I saw them less then 3 months ago but who is counting!! I get to argue with my brothers! Wake up in my bed (although my room is more of a storage space now). Make breakfast for my daddy. And workout with my mummy. She is currently taking Zumba classes and she cant wait to take me with her! You can feel my excitement right?! I love my family! They are everything to me! Only one person would have made that weekend 100% better but its ok (sigh)!! I always wonder about when I get married how often would I go to my parents house for a sleep over? :p The way my life is going however my parents would probably not be anywhere close to me so this is going to SUCK!

Enough of my long talk! I had a Pre-Easter lunch on Sunday after church because I needed to take pictures for the Sunday Punch and this blog! I came up with the following menu. Its simple, its nothing new or special. Just a new way to have the staples around holidays in a Nigerian home (p.s. is it not so weird that in Nigeria we eat the EXACT same things for every holiday? unlike here where Turkey is for thanksgiving, roast lamb is for Easter, etc we have the same things every holiday!) I tried to make mine a little elevated by adding some easy treats that you can make and keep around the house during this festive period that is sure to make everyone have a little more pep in their step!



The Easter menu featured Fried rice, rosemary-citrus Cornish hen, Spicy fried plantains, Caramel and M & M popcorn, A ‘birds’ nest and french macaroons. Today’s recipe feature are the macaroons in the picture! These macaroons are so delicious and They really are not that hard to make. I got the recipe from a channel I follow on Youtube and I followed it to a T. The only thing I did differently was buy my own almonds, blanch them, pulse them and sieve them to get my almond flour because NO way was I paying $10 for a bag of almond flour (yes I am cheap) I hope y’all make this! Its actually quite simple. I just have very unsteady hands and did not leave enough space between some of them and ended up with ovals instead of circles..:(  Here is the video from Sorted! I also have the link to the recipe! 

Here is the link to the recipe on their website! If you like food, you should probably follow sorted on Youtube! They are fun! SORTED MACAROONS

This is how mine turned out..not quite as perfect as theirs but trust me when I say it was JUST as yummy as the ones I buy from LAUDREE in Paris.:) Airy but chewy. perfect really!


I filled them with strawberry jam and some with nuetella. SOOOO GOOD!!!

P.s I was featured in Y Naija magazine in the New Establishment list of 2013! Its a list of 30 promising Nigerians under the age of 35 across the world! Its such an honor to be on such a list and I thank the Ynaija team for finding me deserving! Its a print copy so I do not have the full list or any links. I just have my page as was emailed to me by one of the editors Doyin. I actually have some work I am doing for YNaija for their next issue so look out for it! Thank you!

ynaija magazine


Till next time!



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  1. i had no idea lamb was easter food.

  2. Nice Anon Says: March 20, 2013 at 8:44 pm

    Whoaaaa did you just say as good as Laduree? Now my interest is piqued. I could really eat them all day long. The best I tell ya. Congrats on the magazine feature. Things are looking great for you and that’s brilliant!

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