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Thank God it’s Friday!!! Whoop! I had such a busy week and I sorta overworked myself so I have been down with some kind of cold! Blah!! Luckily this was already in my drafts so yay! Hope everyone has an amazing week! I start a new writing gig this week as well and will bring you more information in the next few days! I am very excited about it! Followmmemon twitter for up to date information. Speak soon!

Food || I need to bake more. I need to bake more. I need to bake more!! How many times do I say this every year! Sigh! Alas I found this recipe for mini strawberry cheesecake that has made me want to pull out my mixer, apron and measuring cups! Look how beautiful it looks! It would such an amazing addition to this event I am planning. The best part is its so easy! You do not even have to bake it! I’ll let y’all know how it turns out.

Travel || I think I want to move here. I am saying this with all seriousness. God really is an artist for places like this to exists. Tahiti, French Polynesia Is everything I want in a perfect vacation spot. As you can tell. I like water on my travels and Tahiti definitely meets my standards! This is not an alone vacay though. This is where you go with someone special. Honeymoon/babymoon/somekindamoon maybe? .

Gadgets || I currently live in an apartment building and this would come in so handy for my balcony (if we where allowed to have bbq’s) to have summer time bbq’s! It is small compact and would work very well for small spaces! I looked up the price and it retails only in Europe right now for about 1900Euros *gulp* I would admire from afar for now.

Inspiration || I like this quote. Sometimes we get so stuck in trying out a formula that is clearly not working and forget that we could totally subtract some things and have different results! I am taking this advise and subtracting this week.


(Images: Eat good 4life | Quora | Pinterest | The daily eater )


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  1. I’ll tell them how the strawberry mini cheesecake turns out…lol
    Lemme know when they’re ready…amma drop by 😉

  2. Gosh, this is such a lovely blog – really great pictures, content, and vision. It’s my first time visiting, but I’ll be back to hunt for some Nigerian recipes!

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