10 Awesome gifts for a foodie!

10 Awesome gifts for a foodie!

Are you done your Christmas shopping? Still looking for some cool gifts? Especially for the food lovers in your life? This post is for you!

It is Christmas season and one of the best parts of Christmas for me is giving! I love to think up creative gifts for my family and friends. Sometimes the gives are small but the thought that goes into getting someone something is always amazing and I love it. As a self proclaimed epicurean foodie, it only makes sense that I am always looking for gifts to get my fellow foodies that are luxurious, creative and fun! These are some totally cool gifts I have come across in the past few days! Buy one for the foodie in your life and maybe one for me too 😀



1. This awesome print from one of my fave blogs is such a nice gift for your food blogger/ home office friend. Find it here

2. I love fondue sets and I have such an awesome one that I pull out during the holidays and melt some chocolate with fruits and have a totally cool night with my girls over some wine! It is one of my fave gifts ever! Get it here

3. A few years ago I found out about molecular gastronomy and I bought a cookbook about it that left me in awe!! The sad part was I was not able to experiment with a lot of the recipes In the book because you need so many “weird” ingredients and tools for this kind of cooking. Luckily a few months ago, I found this site that makes a nice kit for people like me who are just starting out in this aspect of culinary! I love it! I should buy one soon..buy it here

4. Everyone needs a chopping board, but there are levels to even chopping boards! When you know how bad it is to use the same boards for meats, vegetables and others, you might have sleepless nights! Luckily these guys have found a way to name code each chopping board so you are using the exact kind for what you need to chop. pretty cool! Here

5. I love fruit infused water. A few months ago on Instagram, I saw this post from @fitmancooks about infusing water and since then, I always have at least lemons infusing in my water! To find out I can have infused water on the go? AWESOME! I actually need this! Here or anywhere really


6. I love tea! You probably already know this. I am obsessed with fancy teapots and I am always wanting to purchase a new one. I need this one! It keeps your tea warm? YES PLEASE! Nothing is worse than drinking tea from a pot and it is cold after a while. So yes! This is a need! HERE

7. Now for the coffee lover in your life, these Chemex coffee makers are so trendy! They are so pretty to look at and with coffee in them, they make such a beautiful statement on any table. Get em here

8. OMG! When I saw this on buzzfeed I was so blown away! For someone like me who likes to bbq but lives in an apartment, this is so cool and makes soooo much sense! I want one so bad! Get it here 

9. Its always so sad when I have to throw away my basil/parsley/rosemary/chives etc. I started cooking with fresh herbs a few years ago and the difference is amazing. But sometimes I do not use the herbs early enough and I end up having wilted herbs 🙁 This is the perfect gift to give to that your fresh her using friend! Get it here 

10: Or if your foodie friend is also a fan of scandal, they would LOVE the Oliva Pope wine glass! I plan on buying these glasses for my future marital home. 😀 #winelover  Get them here

I hope I was able to help you on your shopping quests and let me know if you will send me any. hehehe. Have a blessed weekend!




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  1. season greetings to u, wow! these are really cool gadgets lohi, i personally love the chopping board set and bbq.

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