Shito | Ghanaian Black sauce

Shito | Ghanaian Black sauce

shito, ghana black pepper sauce

Every Sunday after church, I somehow end up at the grocery store doing my shopping for the week. Last week was no different and as usual I wanted to get my shito sauce that I eat with almost everything and a thought crossed my mind,(Lohi why have you never tried to make this?) I remember years ago when I went to braid my hair at a Ghanaian girls house that a friend recommended to me, She was making shito just before I came. So while she was doing my hair, she would stand up at intervals to stir the pot. I remember she apologized profusely and gave me a small amount for all the discomfort 😀 I asked for for the recipe and she emailed it to me. That was over 5 years ago! When I got home last Sunday, I searched through all my emails for that recipe and just when I was about to give up, I found it and I was so excited. It is so simple to make! All you need is a blender, a good pot, (get one here) and your ingredients and voila! On Saturday, I gathered all my ingredients and I made the sauce and lets just say…as I write this post, two of those bottles are gone!


Serves 5 jars
Prep time 30 minutes
Cook time 1 hour
Total time 1 hours, 30 minutes
Meal type Condiment
Ghanaian Shito. black pepper sauce. Shito.


  • 2 cups vegetable oil
  • 2 onions
  • 1 finger ginger
  • 3 gloves garlic
  • 1/2 cup crayfish
  • 1/2 cup dried shrimp
  • 2 dried herring fish
  • 3 tablespoons tomato paste
  • 1 whole tomato
  • 1 cube maggi
  • 3 tablespoons Red pepper ((less if you want it less spicy))
  • salt to taste


Step 1 Put one cup of vegetable oil ( instead of water) onions, ginger, garlic, herring fish, tomato paste, tomato, seasoning cube in a blender and blend for 1 minute.
Step 2 In a pot with a strong bottom (so that it does not get burned easily) add the second cup of oil. Once it is hot, Add the blended mixture and start frying it. Fry it for about 20 minutes stirring often so it does not get burned.
Step 3 Add the ground crayfish and ground shrimp and dried pepper. Stir together and taste for seasoning. Add salt as needed. Fry for another 30 minutes. Stirring often.
Step 4 Keep frying for another 20 minutes or until the sauce is mostly oil and puree and there is no trace of water. ( it is a condiment and is supposed to be fried till dry so it can keep for a long time..approx 6 weeks) Fry till it is a deep brown color or almost black. Keep stirring to make sure it does not get burned.
Step 5 I fried mine for about an hr. depending on the kind of tomatoes you use and the amount of water in your onions it might be ready faster or might need some more time. But an hr is a good enough mark.
Step 6 Serve with potatoes, yam, bread, beans, rice, kenkey, ANYTHING!



Nom Nom Nom…


I scooped some out there just to saw u the texture and consistency.

I have eaten this with beans(with no palmoil), potatoes, Salmon, indomie, boiled plantains. Yes the possibilities are endless! 😀


– Herring is a type of dried fish. (bonga fish, agbodo fish). I deboned it and added it to the blender when I blended all the other stuff.

– You can buy shrimps that are already dried and blended from the African grocery stores. If you cant find the already blended shrimps. Buy frozen shrimps, dry them out in an oven, then blend them.

– Same with crayfish. Buy already blended ones or you have to add it to the blender.

– I used already blended red pepper…you can use chilli flakes, cayenne pepper and other chilli peppers

Till next time,



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  1. Hi,pls what’s herring fish and can I get it from the regular market here in nigeria?or is there an alternative name?Can I also buy shrimps dry from shops or can the frozen one do?

  2. Thanks

  3. Oooh this looks so good!! But “shito” has a hilarious name. Especially for black sauce

  4. I’m a huge fan of sauces especially d one that goes with almost every dish. Anyways you mentioned garlic twice in your ingredients.

  5. ohh i keep hearing about this sauce.. and since you have refused to send me i guess ill just have to make my own. Watch out for my instagram post

  6. Heard about this sauce before, thanks for sharing the recipe on the link. I think i should try it as i like tasting new things…lol

  7. Akosua Kay Says: January 24, 2014 at 2:17 pm

    Woop!Woop!! Shito comes to lohi….

    Its amazing….in our seconday school days everyone brought a bottle to school which we combined with our corned beef,sardines,tuna etc to eat with Gari….Amazing!!!

  8. SLIMWENDY Says: January 27, 2014 at 6:03 pm

    hi, I was wondering about the recipe. you said 1 whole tomato so does that mean like a tin of tomato or the fresh one from the market and 1 of it? Thanks

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  10. This Shito, is it the same thing like the pepper for EWA AGANYIN?

    The FRESH tomatoes should be shredded?

  11. Is the dried herring also called geudge, or is that something different?

  12. Made this yesterday evening. The Me schooled in Ghana so was saying to make waakye and shito. One sorted. It’s waakye that’s left

  13. where can I get shito in Boston especially in Medford, Malden or Melrose?

  14. can i use small bits of beef for the shito sauce instead of bonga fish?i rem my secondary school mate used to have some very dry beef in hers…thanks

  15. Eshun C Enterprise Says: April 8, 2015 at 10:55 am

    For your best shito just call us Eshun C Enterprise, Ghana 233508894412
    also we need partners around the world
    Thank you.

  16. hi pls, what ingredients do I need to make my shito last at least 3 months. am a student, I hardly get time to … on cookers.
    shito is one of my favourite sauce, I don’t need to be hanging around oil on fire all the time.

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