DIY: Man bouquet

DIY: Man bouquet

man bouquet

I made this bouquet for Valentines day and I thought it was such a good idea t share ti with you guys! Its something you can customize for any occasion and it is very easy to make. you can also switch out the sweets for underwear, under shirts, tickets to movies/shows/concerts, anything you think the person you made it for would like. Valentines day is mostly about chocolate and flowers and wine so I decided to stick with this theme for here is the final result. I hope this helps somebody out there.


chocolate bars/mini wine/alcohol bottles/potato chips

Skewer sticks

glue or clear tape

small bucket/bowl

Styrofoam ball

Tissue paper

Here are the steps..

Step 1: Buy all your candy, chocolate, potato chips, alcohol.

Step 2: Using a glue stick or clear tape, Tape one skewer to each chocolate bar. (if you use glue, let it dry)

Step Three: Place the Styrofoam ball inside the bucket/bowl/jug

Step Four : Cover the Styrofoam ball with wrapping tissue paper

Step Five:  place each stick into the Styrofoam ball. Start with taller ones at the back and shorter ones up front.  play with the lengths till it looks right.

Step Six: give to the love of your life and watch them giggle like a little baby. LOL!

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Have a wonderful weekend.




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