Product Review : AFROfit Coconut oil + Fitness DVD

Product Review : AFROfit Coconut oil + Fitness DVD

I was contacted a few months ago by a fast rising company based out of the UK that specializes in bringing African products to the diaspora. They sent me two products and I actually really loved using both of them. First of we had the

African Virgin coconut oil.

Smells like actual coconut which does not happen with a lot of the coconut oils in the market. Worked amazingly on my hair for moisture. My hair was moisturized for a very long time without feeling like it was dirty from build up. After using it for weeks at a time, my build up was actually less than when I used other products. I used it to cook as well. I loved rubbing it on my plantains to grill with a little sea salt. I used it to also saute vegetables and I loved the results.

Fitness DVD

I won’t lie and say I used it a lot. I only played it like 4 times but the music in the DVD is awesome! Also they do some African moves in the video that is so much fun for someone like me that wants to learn how to dance (LOL)  I prefer to do my workouts at the gym because I am not disciplined to work out at home for long periods of time but If I was a home workout person? this would be my go to video for CORE exercise. I love this video a lot and maybe I would soon get the motivation to make it part of my weekly workout regimen. (pray for me guys)

Overall, The company is amazing! The products came three days after I sent them my address and the Manager I was speaking with was very courteous. I wanted to try the products for a minimum of 6 weeks before posting any reviews and they where very patient with me. If you are looking for a coconut oil brand to patronize, this is it!!

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Here is a quick recipe to use the coconut oil

1 large ripe plantain cut into cubes

1 tablespoon AfroFit coconut oil

sprinkle of sea salt

In a oven safe baking sheet, place the plantains and drizzle with the coconut oil. Using your fingers, work the oil into the plantains making sure every one is properly coated. Sprinkle with sea salt and bake int he oven for 30 minutes at 350 C turning the plantains once. Eat as a snack and enjoy!

fried plantain



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