Product Review: Azariah hand crafted jewelry


Many of you who are part of original blogsville might know the owner of this brand. She is out very own bumight and I was very excited when she told me she would be sending me one of her amazing jewelry pieces to wear to a wedding I had to attend over the summer! I had bought the asoebi for the wedding but that was the all I had done. I was speaking with bumight about the website she was making for her new business when she offered to send me a piece! I was so ecstatic! When I received the necklace and earring set, I was VERY pleased! I started counting down the days till I had to go to the wedding so I could wear my new necklace! I really loved the product and although Bumight did not ask me to do a review, i thought since it was something I liked so much, more people deserved to know about it! I really hope you guys visit her website and BUY your own necklace!



That's me wearing my necklace!

That’s me wearing my necklace!

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  1. It’s really pretty! And I like your outfit 🙂

  2. Your outfit is so nice…loving the colors especially and my favorite hair 🙂

  3. Your outfit is lovely! please update us when bumight’s website is ready. Is she on instagram so we can place orders?

  4. Lohi, you look gorgeous! the beads are really pretty.

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