Bridal Shower: Mrs A.

Bridal Shower: Mrs A.

This summer I had the amazing honour of hosting a bridal shower for one of my closets friends in the world. It was very overwhelming for me because I have literarily seen this girl grow up to become a woman. We have been through life together and its amazing to see both of us at this stage of our lives. Toke is special to me and I wish I could have done a grander shower for her but 1) Her shower could only be done one week after my own wedding and 2) I was the only bridesmaid in Canada so the expense of my dream shower for her was a little over my budget. especially because my wedding was just a week ago!

I decided on a #LADIESWHOBRUNCH theme and proceeded to plan it as efficiently as I could. I had the awesome help of some of Toke’s friends and we had a truly great time! Best part was, she had a great time and you could tell that she was very loved! LohiCreates wishes Toke all the blessings in this new phase in her life!

Enjoy some photos!

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Decor by – EventsbyArdey

Games by- Sandra and Blake

Planning, food, etc by ME!



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