Organization: My fridge

Organization: My fridge

“For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.” -Anonymous

My fridge always depressed me whenever i opened it! I was always throwing away vegetables that had gone bad, tossing leftover food that we forgot to eat and just got too stale to be appetizing. One of my biggest goals for 2016 was to ensure I was wasting less food and the best way I decided to tackle the issue of waste was by organizing my fridge. I figured if I could see everything in my fridge and everything had a place, I would waste less food and also we would eat everything before they got stale. Two weeks into the new year, it has been working wonders for us! I am also saving on my weekly shopping trips because, I am not buying more than is needed! I would share a few tips that have helped me below!


1.) Ensure you have a clean canvas. Take everything currently in the fridge out, wipe them down. Check all expiry dates and toss everything that is bad.

2.) Transfer leftovers into smaller containers and freeze some if you do not think you would finish them in less than a week. Frozen food retains more freshness when thawed than food that has been in the fridge.

3.) Make your weekly lunch ahead of time and pack them into microwavable containers. That way you are ensuring to have lunch everyday and save money on eating out.

4.) For a cleaner look, transfer as many items into identical strange containers. (this is mostly for aesthetics)

5,) Place all fruit on a plate to prevent it from rolling all around the fridge. Also only buy enough fruit you need for the week – less chance of throwing bad fruit out.

6.) Place all condiments in similar bottles (I a still looking for the perfect ones for my space) Similar bottles require less space.

fridge tour2

Before the big clear-out! Few days after January 1st


fridge tour33

The other side. We have a standard rental fridge.


fridge tour1

All done. Looking fresh and clean!

All done. Looking fresh and clean!




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