I be drinkin’| Sunrise

I be drinkin'| Sunrise

I love cocktails (mostly mocktails these days). They are fresh way to add details to every entertaining event especially since we should all know that “details are everything”! At my wedding we had the LiloXDapsy. It was a signature blush prossecco that was served during cocktail hour. It was perfect. I have decided to bring my love for mixing drinks to this platform. A lot of it is non-alcoholic because we are not big on alcohol on our home but I would always try and tell you the liquor you can add to give the drink that extra kick if that is your cup of tea!

For the first installation, this was a drink I made for the brunch we had with friends a few weeks ago. It is so simple but amazing. Here is the quick recipe

Sunrise cocktail

Serves 1
Prep time 2 minutes
A perfect mocktail for brunch on a perfect day. These sunrise made of orange juice and grenadine is perfect and easy!


  • orange juice
  • grenadine
  • orange slices


  • angostura bitters


Step 1 Pour enjoy orange juice to fill your glass 3/4 of the way
Step 2 Then add grenadine. It will sink to the bottom. Sprinkle angostura bitters for some more flavour.


  • you can mix the orange juice with about one shot of vodka if you really want liquor.
  • ensure you use orange juice without pulp. first time i made it the juice had pulp. not nice!



Glasses from Chapters indigo holiday collection.



So prettyyyyy! Looks like a beautiful sunrise foreal!




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  1. looks really luvly!

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