Plan with me : Week 4

Plan with me : Week 4

It is the last week of January!!! I am so excited for February! I love all things that have to do with love and better still I am excited about all the changes that would be happening on this site and the 3 events I have scheduled for this month! Seriously this is why my planner is so important to me. Between being a chef, wife, event planner and everything in between. Its amazing how time just seems to never be enough but this is were a planner comes in! It helps me life an organized life!

WEEKLY TIP *Plan your meals daily in advance, that way you won’t have to start scrambling last minute for what to make for dinner. Also you only buy the groceries you need. Keeping your fridge free from clutter and your vegetables fresh*

plan with me week 4-2

Washi tape from Dollarama


plan with me week 4

Stickers—reflections from Micheals



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