Five apps I absolutely love!

Five apps I absolutely love!



1. First5. I found out about this app through instgram. This is an app that prompts you to give your first 5 minutes of your day to God. with the increase of social media and other distractions, we sometimes forget the importance of speaking to God first before anyone or anything else. This app has an alarm that wakes you up, and has a daily verse and devotional to help you get your thoughts going on God’s teachings! It has been ana amazing way to get into the habit of speaking to God first. I still do my own devotional study but now I don’t feel too bad if I decide to have coffee first.

2. Grid diary. This app is very similar to the popular book “The five minute journal” Although I have the physical copy of the aforementioned book. I loved the idea of an app to help me reflect on my day. It prompts me to think of the good in the day and allows to place priorities on the things that are important. Doing this every night has really improved my sleeping pattern. i feel once i unload daily, i sleep better!

3. Evernote. For a person who loves her lists, Evernote is bae! It is such an amazing tool for people that juggle many things at once. Since you all know I am all about an organized life, I am always loving Evernote! Best part, it syncs on all devices. so I can write something on my laptop and have it on my phone by the time i get to the grocery store. BEST!

4. P-Tracker. This one is just for the women. Do you hate it when your monthly visitor comes without warning especially when you have terrible cramps that require you start taking pills 5 days in advance? Then this app is for you. Use it to monitor your cycle and so many things in between!

5. HOPraise App. This gets a he shoutout because it is my church’s phone app! It is such a big step for us and I am loving it so far! I can listen to messages, know where key services are and use the resources available to also grow spiritually. I am loving everything about this app!


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