Plan with me: Wk 6

Plan with me: Wk 6

It is another lovely week and I am very excited for what it has in store! I have a few events scheduled the week because it is valentines day and my services are needed to make so many wonderful couples happy! (P.S Waiting for the year when I do not have work on Valentines day so I can properly partake of all the mushiness that comes with this day! Till then, unlooking!) This week is very very busy for me, so of course my planner s packed full with many notes and scribbles and dates that are so important! I love using this planner, because it lets me know where to be at each time and i can also try to pack as many things into one day! Of course sometimes, I do not get everything on my to-do list but Its always good to cross those things that do get done off!   This weeks theme was all about Valentines day with a lots of hearts everywhere! Hope you all have a lovely week and remember and organized life, is an easier life!

Weekly Tip : Write down all tasks you feel you need to perform on a scrap paper. Add the important ones to your planner. Checking them off, is an amazing reward system. You would try to get everything down weekly to get all check marks!

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Hope everyone achieves all their goals this week!



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