5 Tips to organize your pantry!

5 Tips to organize your pantry!

A few weeks ago I was in Houston for a few days because my dad was not feeling well and I went to just help my mum out for a few days. Thankfully everything is better now but while I was there I noticed how disorganized my mums pantry looked. I really wish I took a before picture but unfortunately I only decided to make this into a post when I saw how easy it was and how nice it looked. I have decided to share my top 5 tips for organizing your pantry! Enjoy.;pantry4

Tip 1: Sort out and clean everything inside  the pantry before you start to organize. You would be amazed at the amount of expired or almost expired products you have inside the pantry. Also cleaning everything out gives it a fresh start. Wipe down all shelves with warm soapy water and then with a disinfectant like the Clorox towels.


Tip 2: Use the same colored trays/baskets/storage containers. Using storage boxes int he same color is very aesthetically pleasing to the eye and also makes everything have its own place. I have realized that when I give everything a place, it is easier to put it exactly where it is supposed to be therefore limiting clutter.

Tip 3: Use labels. again going back to giving everything a place. It makes it easy to to see where everything is and know where they are supposed to go after use.


Tip 4: Identify your lifestyle. Are there things you use weekly? keep them at eye level so that they are easily accessible. Are there groceries you only buy once very few months, ensure they are properly labeled so you use them before the expiry date.

Tip 5: Learn to restock smartly. It is amazing the amount of small bags of the same things I found in my mums pantry because she didn’t know she had a little bit left and opened a new bag of the same thing. Ensure you are using up one product before opening another one. stocking smartly means you are sure of what you have and use it up before it goes bad. Also use the FIFO method. First In, First Out.



I hope you enjoyed this post. If you like posts like this, comment and let me know so I can work on more for you.


Till next time.



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  1. Need to organize my pantry ASAP. Love what you did with your mom’s.

  2. taynement Says: April 19, 2016 at 10:52 am

    Cute. all cheery and bright.

  3. Appreciate it a lot. 2nd option worked great.

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