Since i cant afford to buy you the purse…here is a cake that looks exactly like it!!! This cake is for all our other blogger friends..that would show up at the party…:D So Today is LADY KOKO..AKA MY BLOG BFF’S BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!(insert cheers and whistle blowing here) I just want to use this opportunity to Thank God for bringing this fashionista into my life. we have shared laughs that I don’t remember sharing with anyone else. She has also been there when I just needed to vent. and I have......

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August 06, 2008

Blog Makeover!!!!

No your not lost(lol)…I was kinda,just kinda bored at work. look what I came up with, I LIKE ALOTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!! For Gist next Post please..:D.. Take care lovelies

August 04, 2008

Missing You.

Its Like 11 O’clock on Sunday night, I am MISSING him badly. its been four months. Yep today made it exactly four months since I seen him. To say I am going crazieeeee would be...

July 20, 2008


Hey everyone!!! Lawd have I missed this place. I dont come as often a sI should anymore but I am trying. Working two Jobs was not easy so I took the easy way out and...

June 29, 2008


Hey GUYS!!..I know I been MIA for a bit..just started my second job trynna get a hand of things and all that jazz..received this in the mail a lil while ago… LOVED IT and thought...

June 13, 2008

HAPPY FRIDAY THE 13TH…..(be afraid)

hello everyone how is everyone doing. Its Friday the 13th..omg omg omg!!!…haha i dont believe in that mess!!!..damn Blogsville has been really busy these days. The holiday is giving everyone too much spare time. But...

April 22, 2008

Summer Is here!!!!..

So today I officially finished my third year of University at a young age if I might add. I wrote my last exam, which i might add was great and said hello to summer. The...

April 10, 2008


I am very into it is a huge part of my life…I cant go a day without listening to music..and when i say music, I mean like good music..RnB, Soul, Old school, Old Rap,...

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